Bruce Mohon

Vice Chair:

Noel Cassanova

Regular Members:

Amanda Aucoin

Courtney Baker

Michael Bopp

Gregory Bowser

Tyler Gray

Stephen Hathorn

John Hyatt

Michael T.D. Miller

Brett Palmer

Alternate Members
Kristi App

Kevin Levine

Timothy Long

Micheal G. Miller

Robert Schromm

Eric Short

Louis Wattingey


Custodian of Public Records
Larry E. McNutt, Jr.

(225) 590-7781

Office Manager
Karen Landry Juban



​Members and Staff

​​Louisiana Pilotage Fee Commission


The Louisiana Pilotage Fee Commission was created by act of the 2004 Louisiana Legislature  to establish rates and fees charged by licensed river pilots operating on the Mississippi and Calcasieu rivers. It consists of 4 representatives nominated by industry associations, 4 representatives of the river pilots' associations, and  3 at-large appointees. 

All public records maintained by the Commission are available for inspection by appointment during regular business hours at the LPFC office, located at 8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 702, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809. 

Tel. (225) 590-3303  Fax (225) 922-4550

Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.